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Private Coaching

Broadway Kids Auditions offers private coaching in person in New York City or via Skype.

Students working privately with our coaches receive audition material chosen specifically for them to showcase their individual talents and personalities. Coaches choose material from all genres of theatre, helping students become versatile and well-rounded performers. Students learn full songs and monologues, as well as audition cuts of each piece. Coaches help students focus their material in order to have successful, positive auditions. The process is fun and exciting and students will walk away with confidence that they have solid audition material.  

BKA coaches are available to our students for last minute auditions and callbacks that need coaching.


What You Can Coach Privately:

  • Selection of material and development of audition pieces

  • Working on material given specifically for an upcoming audition
        Available for last minute audition help

  • Enhancing student’s audition skills

            Performing with confidence and calming nerves


  • Dance technique- Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Theatre Styles

  • Developing pick-up skills while learning dance combinations

  • How to approach a dance audition

  • Acting through dance


  • Develop healthy singing production in all musical styles

  • Vocal work and preparation on audition material


  • establish your goals and interests

  • discover your strengths and weaknesses in order to direct your training

  • create a personal Plan of Action (POA) to further your career. 

             POA's can include: finding an agent, performing in a show, taking specific classes, getting a callback, nailing that Broadway audition...etc!



At BKA, we are focused on helping the many students who are interested for performing arts middle school and high school audition preparation. Performing arts school auditions have become incrasingly competitive and BKA has helped many students with monologue, music and dance preparation for school's such as TalentUnlimited, PPAS, LaGuardia , Frank Sinatra School of the Arts and many more! Our coaches are highly skilled at selecting and coaching material that help each student shine. Email us at for more information. 



Private coaching to help you bring your personality and energy to the audition room- make them WANT you!


For more information or to discuss types of coaching that would be right for your child, please email us at

To purchase single sessions or coaching packages, go to our ONLINE STORE